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“Please, God Don’t Take Me” June 30, 2014


"Please God, Don't Take Me" 

June 30, 2014


June 30, 2014; In this very moment, I learned nothing about me would ever be the same. My body. My mind. My faith. My story. Me.


I look back and remember; the bright blue sky, so radiant it was a turquoise baby blue, birds soaring high and eagles gliding effortlessly above the water. I feel the welcoming heat on my skin after freshly applying tanning oil. The summer heat and suns rays sink deep into my skin bringing a warm smile to my face and a shiver through my body. I hear the laughter of my friends from behind the boat. They’re on a large tube with just enough room for two. I watch them and join in the laughter, as they hold on tight.


Spending the day with my friends on the water felt nothing short of a dream. I just graduated high school a year early to pursue dance. I was ready to relax and celebrate. I had just spoken to my family mid afternoon to tell them I was having "The best day ever!" I was so happy. After finishing off a couple runs of tubing we decided to meet another boat of friends in the middle of the lake's Harbor. We were traveling slowly, the boys in the captain and co-captain seats. I was in the back holding down the tube because it was too big to fit in the boat.


We’re riding slowly and I lean backwards opening my chest to the beaming sunshine. I continue to enjoy the sun's heat rays, soaking in every moment. Suddenly the tube fell out the back of the boat catching no ones attention but mine. I turn back with just enough time to catch the end of the rope. In that moment I begin to wrap the rope around the four fingers of my left hand and grab the bundle with my thumb. The tube behind us flying empty, picking up water and catching air, I close my eyes for one moment. The next I’m rising out of the water.


My body had slingshot out the back of the boat with my hand tangled. I surface from the water wanting to lift my left hand to get my friends’ attention. I feel a tightness in my shoulder, and think maybe it’s out-of-place from the pull of the rope. What I see rising out of the water is not my hand, but only my arm. There is no hand. There is a thumb, bones, and blood, a lot of blood. I scream, "HAND, MY HAND!" Then silence.


The doctors told me at this very moment I should have drowned. My body should have gone into shock and sunk me into the lake. Instead, in that moment I was so desperate to stay above the water, I did. I begun to pray and paddle my arms and legs, creating ripples of blood, but my head stayed above.


When my eyes opened next I was in the back of the boat with my arm wrapped in a large towel in the shape of a turban. With the towel controlling my blood loss we rushed into the boat launch. I was silent and scared. I remember thinking to myself, "This can't be happening, I'm going to wake up and this will all have been a nightmare. I was fine a minute ago. This must be a nightmare, it needs to be a nightmare." I never flashed out of this nightmare. I remember not having enough words to keep praying and all I could say was, "Please God don't take me, God don't take me."


Arriving at the boat launch we began anxiously waiting for the ambulance. Numerous first responders, doctors and medical professionals came to assist us from around the lake.


"Can you tell me your name miss?"


I replied calmly, "Kristie Sita, born September 7, 1997."


At this time I had a strange sense of calmness, I knew God was holding my hand. As we continued to wait an incredible team of locals set out into the lake in hopes of finding the remainder of my hand on the tube. They returned just in time. As we loaded the ambulance we had my hand in a cooler to travel with me to the hospital in hopes of re-attaching it. I can never thank everyone enough for what they did at the step of this accident. I was surrounded by so much love, support and energy.


After a long half hour of waiting for the ambulance we were finally on our way to a helicopter directed to the Children's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. Upon loading the ambulance I remember the paramedic telling me to look away as he took hold of my arm and started to unwrap the towel. I looked the other way, took a deep breath, and closed my eyes. I closed my eyes as hard as I could, almost as if the harder I closed them the less pain I would feel.


They turned me over and told me it was a miracle. They had found barely any blood on the towel and said that my two friends had saved my life. I asked him if I was going to die, he turned to me, smiled and said, "You are the strongest young lady I have ever met, you are going to survive this." I looked at all the paramedics and told them that God has a plan for me.




Helicopter Ride

The next time I opened my eyes I was in the helicopter. I looked at the paramedic and asked him if he could go into my bag to grab my cell phone to take a photo of me. Yes, the only thing I wanted in that moment was a selfie of my helicopter ride. I continued to talk to the paramedics telling them how I wanted to pursue a professional dance career and how much I loved my students I teach at home. Struggling between life and death all I could talk about was my love and passion for dance. I shared stories of my hopes and dreams.  In and out of consciousness I kept myself dreaming and praying until we touched down.






Waiting for Surgery/ Amputation


Arriving at the Children's Hospital I waited about an hour before the doctors were ready for my surgery. My Oma came to hold me by her side as  was being prepared. We cried. We prayed. We laughed. I told her and the doctors surrounding me that I was going to make my life better with one hand than it ever could have been with two. Then it was my time. I remember looking up at the lights of the hospital as they rolled me to the surgery room. My Oma's warm hand holding mine all the way. I was transferred onto the operating table. I looked around at every surgeon in the room, one by one until I had seen every face. They put the gas mask on to put me to sleep, but first I repeated, "God has a plan for me," as I closed my eyes.





I didn't know what life would be like when I woke up, but I knew there was a plan for me. I knew God had saved my life on this very day, and I knew from this day forward I would never be the same. I would be greater.





  1. Deborah Antonio

    You are an inspiration to our generation Kristie


  2. Hayley

    You are such a beautiful young lady inside and out. You are strong,determined inspirational, kind,thoughtful and an inspiration to any young girl xx
    You inspire Amelia and Elizabeth to do their very best in everything they do. My girls look up to you ,admire you, love you and love spending time with you. They will certainly miss you this year but know there are amazing adventures out there for you and they cannot wait to hear all about them. You make them feel like they can do anything in life, you lead by example and what an example you are for them. Follow your dreams you are beautiful and we love you very much ❤️ The Thorpe Family xxxx
    ( Hayley X Bruce X Amelia X and Elizabeth X )


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